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"...Using art as a

way to be together."

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essica Winniford works part time as the photographer and designer for Red Oak Hope. She has been living in Asia for the last seven years, during which she served Red Oak as a volunteer then decided to join staff two years ago. 

She has a BFA in Photography from Louisiana State University and has received sixteen+ years of classical training in drawing and painting (and still going!). You can see more of her work and learn more about her below.  


In this video, Jessica will lead you through an art therapy exercise that can help you connect with friends and family. You do not need to be an artist to do this! 

Materials needed: 

  • Paper (anything you have on hand will do - you can even use old scrap paper with stuff printed on it)

  • Art supplies (if you don't have basic art supplies like crayons, paints, or colored pencils, use pens, penciles, highlighters, sharpies, or even sidewalk chalk. You can even make your own paints using natural pigments like tumeric or blueberries. More info on that below). 

Set up: 

  • If you're doing this at home with people in your house, depending on how many people you have, divide your group up so you have 1 piece of paper for every 2-4 people - so set it up so everyone can reach the paper and supplies. 

  • If you're doing this over skype, try putting on the same music together, draw your own images, and once you’re finished, send each other a cell phone shot of your drawing. You can print your friend’s drawing out at home and add to it, paint on it, color in areas.

  • Feel free to adapt this exercise HOWEVER you want. This is for you, so change it if it’s not working. 

For more resources, please click the links below: 

Examples from Jessica and her daughter: 

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