We believe everyone has a role to play​. 

Our team of volunteers make our work possible.

Whether you're a student, artist, Facebook guru, business person,

accountant, lawyer, stay-at-home mom or academic,

we would love to have you serving with us. 



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We prioritize sustainability of beneficiaries, staff, and programs-- encouraging independency and long-term development.


We aim for excellence, professionalism, and best practice in all aspects of our organization, always evaluating and improving programs and processes in order to best serve our beneficiaries, staff, donors,

and communities. 


We believe in the power

of partnership, and seek to collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders in order to combat the complex issues that cause human trafficking, abuse and exploitation, and provide holistic care to beneficiaries and communities.


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Our founders are motivated by a Christian faith and belief in God’s heart for justice and restoration, however we are inclusive and honoring of people of all faiths or no faith in all aspects of our work.


We honor the dignity,

privacy and agency of every individual and seek to honestly communicate the nuance involved in the

issues of trafficking, abuse, and exploitation-- refusing

to oversensationalize, oversimplify, or overshare.


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