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"...Learning how to communicate and think about others."

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aley Patterson has been serving as the US Director for Red Oak Hope for four years. She graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Speech Language Pathology and has a passion for helping the women we serve grow in strength and ability in relating to themselves as well as the world around them. 

In this video, Haley will lead you in the practice of perspective taking, a vital tool in looking beyond your point of view so that you can consider how someone else may think or feel about something . This is an incredibly useful tool in learning to combat negative assumptions about loved ones, friends, and community. 

The four steps in perspective taking include:

  • Think about the people around you. 

  • Think about why a person may be doing what they are doing.

  • Think about what other people might be thinking about you. 

  • Modify your behavior based on what someone else might be thinking.

Use this tool and let us know if it has led to improved relationships and perspectives in your life.

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