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A Gala Thank-You

Together, you raised $134,717 to support survivors of exploitation!

Even in the middle of a pandemic, you showed up to CELEBRATE stories of hope from survivors of trafficking, and you GAVE GENEROUSLY to support their Journeys to Freedom. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

If you weren't able to logon and watch, we'd love for you to take a few moments to watch just two of the incredible stories we shared from our partners and beneficiaries in Uganda and Austin:

First is a video from our graduating class at an economic empowerment program teaching tailoring, design, and business development to at-risk women in Uganda. As Jacqueline explained during the gala, economic empowerment is vital to both prevention and restoration for international trafficking. We are so inspired by these 10 graduates and can't wait to begin Cycle 2 of the program next month. 


Next is a video of Dr. Travis Marcum introducing the partnership between Red Oak Austin and Austin Classical Guitar. This partnership provides survivors of trafficking in our Austin Transitional Housing Program the opportunity to express themselves via songwriting as a part of holistic healing. Watch and listen to songs of Hope and Freedom written by two survivors this year.


If you'd like to watch the full video stream from the gala, please email us HERE and we will send you a link.


IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO GIVE! We are still looking to raise $115,283 in 2020 to continue bringing Freedom, Hope, and Restoration to survivors in 2021. Though we will be closing the gala event site tomorrow, you can always give at Every dollar makes Freedom possible.


THANK YOU again for joining us. It is such an honor to walk alongside you all as together we walk alongside women and children affected by sexual exploitation.

For Freedom,

PS- If you attended the gala and have 5 minutes to give us your feedback, we'd so appreciate it. Access a quick & anonymous survey here.



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