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Good News For Your Monday

In the midst of a difficult year and weeks that can often run together, we just wanted to share some GOOD NEWS to kick off your Monday. 

In the last week, here are just a few stories of HOPE from our beneficiaries and programs:

  • We were able to secure an incredible new (rental) property for our transitional housing program in Austin, TX. This property has multiple structures that will not only allow us to provide safe and private housing to survivors of trafficking in our residential program, but it also gives us space to host our educational and vocational training programs, host community activities for previous residents and survivors, and provide on-site case management and counseling. This property is a HUGE answer to prayer and we are beyond excited to see how it will allow us to grow to serve more women and children in 2021 than ever before.

  • Last week we heard from a previous beneficiary named Emily*. Emily is a Ugandan woman who had been tricked and trafficked to Asia as a domestic worker in 2018. She endured much abuse until we were able to help repatriate her back to Uganda and reunite her with her children last summer. A bright woman with bright dreams, we sent Emily to a local vocational training school where she developed a business plan to sell produce, and then we gave her a small loan to start her business. Last week she called to excitedly tell us that even in the midst of the economic COVID crisis, her business was succeeding and she was not only able to provide food and shelter for her family but had $200 profit to reinvest!

  • All over the world, parents are struggling to figure out childcare in order to be able to work. This problem is only more difficult for single-mothers and trafficking survivors of young children. Without expendable income and the social safety net of family, many of these women are left with no options and remain in cycles of abuse and poverty. Our Asia Domestic program has just launched a day care to serve these women and starting this week TWO survivors of trafficking are now able to return to work with our social enterprise partner and earn a sustainable income!

This is just a glimpse of the freedom, hope, and restoration we are seeing through our work at Red Oak Hope. THANK YOU for making it all possible through your donations and support.

We can't wait to share these stories and more at our upcoming virtual gala on September 17 at 7:30pm CST. Be sure to get your tickets ASAP to join us for the one-hour live stream event! Tickets start at just $25, and every attendee is entered to win a raffle prize valued at over $200. We guarantee you don't want to miss it. See you there!

For Freedom,


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