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🌍 Give Hope & Empowerment T O D A Y 🧵

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Giving Tuesday is here!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have been able to stay safe and healthy. We’re so grateful for your ongoing support of our work to provide prevention, intervention, and restoration services to survivors of exploitation here in Austin and around the world. Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving to support the work of organizations you care deeply about. This year there’s a special opportunity to support economic empowerment for women in Uganda through our partnership with Mission Active.

We hope to raise $7,500 to fund a FULL cycle of Mission Active's community-based vocational training program TODAY. This will offer 10 women the opportunity to develop technical skills in sewing and tailoring along with business training to successfully run their own business upon graduation.

For many women who are faced with few options at home, the lure of job offers abroad seems like the best option to support themselves and their families. While migrating to find work could be safe and provide a stable income, we’ve seen countless cases of women who were deceived, exploited, and left stranded. In addition to the many types of abuse these women experience, illegitimate job opportunities often lead to an even greater financial burden for women and their families who often take out loans to finance travel expenses. In desperation and hoping for the best these women take a risk but find themselves far from home and unable to repay the loans.

But we believe in creating opportunities for women to obtain skills that can lead to safe and dignified employment in their own countries. Together, Mission Active + Red Oak are providing tailoring, design, and business training and creating a space where skills training meets emotional and social support. Women meet several times per week for several months to participate in technical and business training, holistic care events, and follow-up services. Participants are also provided with business start-up kits upon graduation.

Will you join us and allow more women to pursue economic empowerment? You can donate today by clicking HERE! Will you spread the word? You can forward this email, share any of our social media posts, or create your own post and share our website:

Thank you for your constant support and we’re so excited to fund this project!

For freedom,

In August we celebrated as 100% of the program participants both graduated were equipped to start their businesses! Help us fund the next cycle of classes.



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