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It's Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

It's National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Did you know that human trafficking happens in every city, suburb, and rural area throughout the US? Every day, there are men, women, and children being victimized by labor and sex trafficking in YOUR community. Here are 3 things you can do today to raise awareness and support survivors: LEARN: Learn about the realities of what human trafficking actually looks like. While kidnapping and smuggling can happen, the overwhelming majority of trafficking victims know their traffickers and are coerced or forced into exploitation through existing vulnerabilities. Here are our favorite resources as a starting point:

  • "What is Exploitation?" A video by Red Oak Hope

  • 2019 Data Report from the US National Human Trafficking Hotline

  • Myths, Facts, and Statistics by Polaris Project

GET INVOLVED: Get involved in anti-trafficking efforts in your own communities. We are currently looking for businesses, teachers, churches, and individuals like YOU to partner with us. Fill out our volunteer form or contact us for more information on how to engage. GIVE: Every dollar donated allows us to stop trafficking on a large scale while simultaneously providing holistic care to survivors-- both in the US and around the world. This month, we're looking for 10 people to join our monthly team at $100/mo. Will you join us?

For Freedom,


Click here to be encouraged by all the Freedom, Hope, and Restoration you helped us bring in 2020. And a huge THANK YOU to all who donated to help us reach our end of year goal to continue supporting survivors in 2021!



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