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Join our team and use your professional skills and experiences

to bring freedom, hope, and restoration to survivors of sexual exploitation. 



We are looking for an experienced Social Worker who is passionate about caring for survivors of sexual exploitation-- primarily women and children. This position will primarily interface with Red Oak’s US Programs to include case management, development for the transitional housing program, and educational/vocational training program for survivors. This position will, however, be a part of larger, organization-wide development, staff training, and best practice implementation. While the initial role will include case management as a significant part of the US housing program, the long-term vision would be that this role becomes the clinical director managing residential case managers for the transitional housing program.

Core Values & Expectations

For All Staff

  • We aim for excellence, professionalism, and best practice in all aspects of our organization, always evaluating and improving programs and processes in order to best serve our beneficiaries, staff, donors, and communities. 

  • We honor the dignity, privacy and agency of every individual and seek to honestly communicate the nuance involved in the issues of trafficking, abuse, and exploitation-- refusing to oversensationalize, oversimplify, or overshare. 

  • We prioritize sustainability of beneficiaries, staff, and programs-- encouraging independency and long-term development. 

  • Our founders are motivated by Christian faith and belief in God’s heart for justice and restoration, however we are inclusive and honoring of people of all faiths or no faith in all aspects of our work. 

  • We believe in the power of partnership, and seek to collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders in order to combat the complex issues that cause human trafficking, abuse and exploitation, and provide holistic care to beneficiaries and communities. 


Transitional Housing


  • Assist in interview and placement process for transitional housing program 

  • Lead intake process to include completing biopsychosocial assessment 

  • Play the role of clinical lead for client care team (which includes social worker/case manager, client advocate, counselor, sponsor, etc.)

  • Meet with clients weekly to set goals, connect with outside resources, establish and carry-out boundaries and rules of the house

  • Connect with client advocate weekly for updates on each client - as it pertains to wrap-around service support 

  • Utilize conflict resolution, task-oriented and risk assessment skills-- in collaboration with client advocate 

  • Provide crisis intervention

  • Maintain accurate and up to date case files

  • Conduct quarterly check-ins with individual clients, alongside client advocate 

  • Provide continual assistance in evaluating and improving policy and procedures of transitional housing program to reflect best practices and a client-centered approach

  • Assist in transitioning residents out of program and establishing a tapering off and transfer of support to community resources


Vocational Training

  • Engage in Red Oak’s Educational/Vocational Training Program as a constant, relational support for women in this program 

  • Collaborate with community service providers/case managers for non-residential participants to ensure participant success in keeping with current case management goals 

  • Support teachers in adapting curriculum to fit the needs of participants and managing complex classroom dynamics

  • Ensure classroom environment is therapeutic in nature to encourage safety, participation, and success of individual participants

  • Collaborate with Red Oak US Director and Development Officer to modify and develop curriculum to fit the needs of this population

Organization Wide 

  • Provide staff training and development around pertinent topics

  • Engage in evaluating policy and procedures to ensure best practice and client protection

Skills &

Training Needed

  • Licensed Social Worker (LMSW/LCSW)

  • Experience working with complex trauma

  • Experience attaining resources and working with children & adolescents

  • Experience with mediation & conflict resolution 

  • Skilled in setting professional and personal boundaries 

  • Experience with transitional housing preferred, but not required

Working Conditions

​The work location will depend on daily tasks: an office environment (with our partners), in the transitional home in Austin, or off-site for meetings. This position require driving and applicant must have a car and a valid driver’s license. 

Job Type

Reports To

Full time

US Director for US Operations and Executive Director for Organizational Support

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