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"...Our body reacts to what the mind and emotions are going through."

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oe Mantarakis is a yoga teacher based out of Austin, Texas, an Assistant Professor of Practice at UT Austin, and the creator of the curriculum for UT's new for-credit yoga program for undergraduates in the Department of Kinesiology. 

She has a BA in Philosophy from UC Berekeley and over 17+ years teaching experience in the Austin yoga community.  Visit her website to learn more about her practice in Austin. 


In this video, Zoe will teach you how to improve your posture and intentionally breathe as a way to bring center and quiet to your heart and mind right now. Set aside time each day to incorporate these practices into your life and watch how they can shift your perspective and alter the way you approach the day. Please share with us how these practices have helped you. 

For more resources, please click the links below: 

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