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"...Music has the power to

change your body and soul..."

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r. Travis Marcum is the Director of Education for Austin Classical Guitar and PhD in Music and Human Learning from The University of Texas at Austin. Since 2005, He has helped build hundreds of classroom guitar programs worldwide, his efforts contributing to a broad shift in music education course offerings across the U.S. beyond traditional band, orchestra, and choir.

Dr. Marcum is founder and director of ACG’s Music & Healing Initiative, which provides unique music programming for Austin community members experiencing significant challenge or trauma. These programs include partnerships with Dell Children’s Hospital, Salvation Army Women and Children’s Shelter, Travis Co. Correctional Complex, The Livestrong Cancer Institutes, and Carnegie Hall among others. To learn more about Dr. Marcum and his work at Austin Classical Guitar, please click below. 


In this video, Dr. Marcum will share about his work with Red Oak Hope in song writing as well as a way for you to use music in caring for your soul.


For this activity you will need to: 

  • Create a space in your home that is beautiful to you, free from clutter
    and electronics.

  • Set the mood by lighting a candle or turning off the overhead lights in exchange for a lamp. 

  • Put on some music that is meaningful to you (we've added some
    suggestions below).

  • Take a few moments to breath before hitting play. 

  • As you listen to your music, gaze out steadily and listen intentionally
    to the words.

  • Take an inventory of your breath, of how your body and mind felt while listening to the music. 

  • Notice and be mindful of where you are and how you are feeling.  

  • Sing! Feel your vocal chords move and experience the resonance in your body! Dance and sing at the top of your lungs! Engage in the fun and freedom of this expression. (Click on our MUSIC FOR CONFIDENCE playlist below)

For more resources, please click the links below: 

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