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I n t e r a c t i v e    f a v o r    i n s t r u c t i o n s

Designed by our social enterprise partners at Freeleaf, a company making beautiful hand-knotted products and employing at-risk and previously exploited women in both Asia and Austin.


Find out more at and use code REDOAKGALA for 15% off your order!



1. Pull the white rope through the keychain until the ends are even.




2. Bring the two ends up and over the top rope (below the keychain), leaving about a 1" loop at the bottom


3. Pass the ends under the key ring section, tightly hugging the rope (you should start to see a figure 8 taking shape)


4. Bring the ends over the top curve of the loop


5. Tuck the ends through the hole and under the bottom curve of the loop

6. Tuck and adjust the knot until it's tight and even


7. Take the small colored thread and wrap tightly around the base of the knot, adding a small amount of super glue to keep it tight

8. Comb out the rope underneath to create the tassel


9.  Cut to desired length and ENJOY!

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